High Performance Coatings

Chembond started introducing its range of high-performance coatings in 1994, which has grown to an impressive range of products for protecting industrial structures from corrosion.

High-performance Coating products comprise coatings based on epoxy, polyurethane, inorganic zinc silicate, chlorinated rubber, and synthetic resins. These products are designed to suit tropical and industrial conditions, offering the best corrosion performance to increase service life and maintain aesthetic appearance. The coatings are suitable for application on offshore platforms, structures, bridges, pipelines, tanks, effluent treatment plants, etc.

Other specialty coating products include intumescent coatings for fire resistance, glass flake epoxies, elastomeric polyurethanes, polyureas, food-grade epoxies, and waterborne epoxies and polyurethanes.

High Performance Coatings

High-performance coatings are types of coating systems that offer an excellent method of maintaining & preserving the integrity of the surface. Their physical, mechanical & chemical properties can improve corrosion protection, adhesion, cathodic disbondment & impact resistance.

ProductComponentsGeneric TypeVolume Solids in %Suggested DFT in µTheoretical Covering Capacity in m2/ L
KemThane 4262 KElastomeric Top Coat100500-20000.5-2.0
KemOxy 513 EPN2 KEpoxy Novolac Coating80100-1254.0-5.0
KemOxy 50012 KGlass Flake Primer9875-1009.5-13.0
KemOxy 50122 KGlass Flake Top Coat98200-3003.2-5.0
KemPolyurea 55562 KPolyurea Coating1001000-50000.2-1.0
KemElastomer P2 KElastomeric Primer100100-1506.7-10.0
KemFire 2081 KAcrylic Intumescent Coating70300-7001.0-2.3
KemFire 2092 KEpoxy Intumescent Coating83750-10000.8-1.1
KemGuard 250 HR2 KSynthetic Heat Resistant Coating4015-2516.0-26.7
KemOxy 300 Clear2 KEpoxy Clear4925-3016.0-19.0
KemOxy 313 FG2 KFood Grade Epoxy100300-4002.5-3.3
KemGuard 450 HR1 KSilicon Acrylic Heat Resistant Coating3120-3010.3-15.5
KemGuard 600 HR1 KSilicon Heat Resistant Coating3020-3010.0-15.0
KemGuard 555 HB2 KSurface Tolerant Amine Cured9475-1009.4-12.5
KemGuard 555 XL2 KSurface Tolerant Polyamide Cured87100-1256.9-9.0
KemGuard 556 HB2 KSurface Tolerant High DFT95250-3003.1-4.0
KemGuard 559 HB2 KCoal Tar Based Surface Tolerant75100-1256.0-7.5


A primer or undercoat is a preparatory coating put on materials before painting. Priming ensures better adhesion of paint to the surface, increases paint durability & provide additional protection for the material being painted.

ProductComponentsGeneric TypeVolume Solids in %Suggested DFT in µTheoretical Covering Capacity in m2/ L
KemOxy 3012 KEpoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer5240-5010.4-13.0
KemOxy 3052 KEpoxy Zinc Rich Primer4030-508.0-13.3
KemOxy 3072 KEpoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer For 129446350-758.4-12.6
KemOxy 3092 KEpoxy Phenolic Primer / Intermediate5750-1006.0-11.4
KemThane 4012 KAcrylic PU Primer4525-3513.0-18.0
KemGuard 5012 KZinc Silicate Primer5850-757.7-12.0
KemEtch Primer2 KEtch Primer1006-Aug12.5-16.5
KemChlor 2011 KChlorinated Rubber Primer4530-509.0-14.7

Intermediate Coatings

Intermediate coats are applied to ‘build’ the total film thickness of the system. Generally, the thicker the coating the longer the life. Intermediate coats are specially designed to enhance the overall protection & when highly pigmented, decrease permeability to oxygen & water.

ProductComponentsGeneric TypeVolume Solids in %Suggested DFT in µTheoretical Covering Capacity in m2/ L
KemOxy 321 MIO2 KEpoxy MIO Intermediate Coating5375-1005.3-7.0
KemOxy 323 HB2 KEpoxy MIO Intermediate For 1294465100-1504.3-6.5
KemOxy 324 HB2 KEpoxy HB Intermediate Coating58100-1254.6-5.8
KemOxy 327 HB2 KEpoxy HB Intermediate For 1294463100-1504.2-6.3

Top Coats

The topcoat provides the required appearance & surface resistance of the system. Depending on the conditions of exposure, it must also provide the first line of defence against weather & sunlight, open exposure & condensation.

ProductComponentsGeneric TypeVolume Solids in %Suggested DFT in µTheoretical Covering Capacity in m2/ L
KemOxy 3112 KEpoxy Glossy Top Coat5025-5010.0-20.0
KemOxy 325 HB2 KEpoxy HB Matte Top Coat55100-1254.4-5.5
KemThane 4112 KAcrylic PU Glossy Top Coat4025-3511.4-16.0
KemThane 4152 KHigh Solid Acrylic PU Top Coat5550-757.30-11.0
KemOxy 512 EPN2 KEpoxy Phenolic Semi-glossy70100-1255.6-7.0
KemChlor 2111 KChlorinated Rubber Semi-glossy Top Coat3830-507.6-12.6

Miscellaneous Coatings

ProductComponentsGeneric TypeVolume Solids in %Suggested DFT in µTheoretical Covering Capacity in m2/ L
Kem Seal 2002 KEpoxy Putty For Polyurea / Polyurethane98
KemOxy 314 HB2 KCoal Tar Epoxy Coating58100-1254.6-5.8
KemOxy 331 Rebar2 KEpoxy Rebar Coating4840-509.6-12.0
KemThane 400 Clear2 KAcrylic Polyurethane Clear3515-2514.0-23.3
KemGuard 5881 KBituminous Black Coating3720-3012.3-18.5
KemGuard 8111 KAntifungal Wall Coating4230-4010.5-14.0