Chembond introduced its range of flooring in 1994, which has grown to an impressive range of products for protecting industrial and commercial floors. The Floor Coating products are epoxy or polyurethane-based on waterborne or 100% solids systems to offer a healthy and safe work environment.

They are primarily designed to protect concrete floors:

  • From physical damage due to movement of material
  • To provide a smooth seamless floor for easier cleaning and hygiene maintenance
  • To provide a long-lasting, aesthetic looking floor

Chembond’s floor coating products exhibit excellent abrasion and scratch resistance and can also withstand chemical and oil spills. Other specialty floor coating products include ESD coatings for static resistance, cementitious polyurethane systems, stone chip or flake based decorative floor coatings, waterborne polyurethane wall coatings, elastomeric polyurethanes, polyureas, food-grade epoxies, etc.

Primers & Cleaners

Primers are thin seal coatings that provide better adhesion because they are designed to penetrate into the concrete substrate for better bonding.

ProductProduct Description & UsagesPacksBaseThickness in mmPack Size kg
KemOxy Concrete PSolvent based, low viscosity penetrating primer for priming concrete substrate2Epoxy0.114 & 28
KemOxy Concrete ASSolvent based, electrostatically conductive primer ideal for antistatic floor coating2Epoxy0.154
KemOxy Concrete WWater based primer for priming green concrete substrate3WB Epoxy0.17 & 14
Chembond Industrial floor cleanerHighly effective ready to use cleaner for rapid release of oil from contaminated surface1NeutralN/A2 L & 5 L
Chembond floor oil removerAqueous cleaner & degreaser for oil contaminated surface1AlkalineN/A25
KemOxy Concrete OLSolvent based oil tolerant primer for oil contaminated floors2Epoxy0.115


Screeds are highly filled resin-based product when applied on primer concrete surface gives high strength that can withstand high loading wear resistance.

ProductPacksBaseThickness in mmPack Size kgCompressive Strength N/mm²Tensile Strength N/mm²Flexural Strength N/mm²Shore DPot life min @ 30ºC
KemFlor 5203Epoxy2.263 & 2529212258330
KemFlor 5213Epoxy221 & 845619.5346230
KemFlor 5253Epoxy117 & 685219306030
KemFlor 526 HS3EPU2768219.5318330
KemFlor 5273Epoxy2415016.5127830
KemSeal 400 PU3PU1.00- 5.00135519224530

Top Coats

Flooring Top Coat offers an array of interior floor solutions when an affordable hard-wearing non-slip finish is needed. Flooring Top Coat can turn an old concrete slab into a renewed floor.

ProductPacksBaseThickness in mmPack Size KgCompressive Strength N/mm²Tensile Strength N/mm²Flexural Strength N/mm²Shore DPot life min @ 30ºC
KemFlor 317 CF3Epoxy1146012257330
KemFlor 317 DF3Epoxy1146920257330
KemFlor 514 SL4EPU1708227358030
KemFlor 517 SL2Epoxy0.530652422.58030
KemFlor 517 SL4Epoxy117 & 707020358530
KemFlor 517 SL4Epoxy2907522288230
KemFlor 517 CR4Epoxy1707015308030
KemFlor 5182Epoxy0.25306521287530
KemFlor 524 Decor5Epoxy26269.220367330
KemFlor 617 SL2PU1305515328520
KemFlor 6262PU0.1514N/AN/AN/AN/A30
KemFlor 6342PU0.15 & 25N/AN/AN/AN/A30
KemFlor 817 SL4EPU1705016.5318330
KemPolyurea 55562Polyurea1400 LtrN/A10N/A60< 30 sec.
Kem Kar Park EP4Epoxy1.60 - 2.00367025326530
Kem Kar Park PU4PU1.60 - 2.00367028365030