Metal Treatment Chemicals

Chembond’s metal treatment chemicals are used prior to painting metals. Specific pre-treatment chemicals are needed to clean, rinse and condition the substrate. We cater to industries like automobile ancillaries, home appliances, textile machinery, steel industries, tube industries, wire drawing industries, etc. Chembond’s pre-treatment products provide better adhesion, enhanced corrosion resistance and nullify blister formation.

Traditionally, the choices for a pre-treatment process have been either an iron or zinc phosphate. Recently, there have been developments to replace this traditional technology with products that are less intrusive and more environmentally sustainable.

Chembond strives to achieve high standards with our innovative products, competent services and efficient supply chain.

Surface Treatment Chemicals

Kem Ecorite series of products for,

  • Tri-Cation, Zinc, Iron Phosphating
  • New Generation Conversion Coatings
  • Manganese Phosphating
  • Anodising and Chromatising Chemicals
  • Chrome Free Treatments & Passivations
  • Alkaline, Acid, Neutral Cleaners
  • Low-Temperature Processes
  • Rust Preventive Compounds

Kem Ecolube series of products for,

  • Hot Forging – Graphite based lubricants
  • Lubricants for pressure die-casting of aluminum
  • Synthetic, Semi-synthetic, Neat metalworking fluids
  • Reactive Oils & Dry Lubes for cold forming

Ecologically Friendly & Economical
Green chemistry + Rite products that deliver value for applications in,

  • Steel & Coil
  • 2 & 3 Wheelers
  • Cold Forming
  • Appliances
  • General Industry
  • Hot Forging
  • Automotive OEMs & Components
  • Ag & Construction Equipment
  • Engineering