Aerosols & MRO

Chembond’s (formerly Protochem Industries) MRO products have been developed over a forty years history of the company. Based on the technological efforts and experience from various operations of these industries, these MRO products deliver significant cost savings in terms of reduced repair and higher productivity. Some of the MRO products are uniquely developed by considering severe and extreme operating conditions.

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Proto Quick DW: Multipurpose spray. Cleans lubricates, protects, penetrates and loosens rust.
Prevents corrosion.
Restore electrical contacts.

Long Term Protection Spray: Long term protection during transport and storage.
Protects from humidity and salty atmosphere.
Flexible soft film.
Easy to remove.

Proto Weld Klin: Water-based non-flammable anti weld spatter.
Prevents spatter adhesion.
Economical due to its thin film performance.
Long term anti-adherent effect.

Electrical Contact Cleaner: Active solvents.
Fast and effective cleaning.
Leaves no residue.

Solvent Cleaner: Fast dying.
Powerful flushing action.
Cleans instantly and gives a sparkling finish to a metal surface.
Does not contain chlorinated solvents.

Spray Paint: Easily touch up portions of the paint with a smooth and pristine finish.
Leaves a smooth evenly coated surface, unlike many rolled or brushed
Can be applied to the metal, plastic, glass as well as a variety of surfaces.

Belt Grip: Prevents slippage.
Adheres strongly on the belt surface.
Gives extra pulling power by improving traction.
Increase transmission efficiency.
Reduces squeaking noise.

Chain Spray: Reduces friction and loss of power.
Exhibits anti-wear properties that increase chain durability.
Exhibits excellent penetration into the link and pins of the chain.
Excellent corrosion protection on chains.

Plastic & Rubber Care: Durable protective shine.
UV protection against discoloration.
Refreshes dull surface.
Refreshes and preserves plastics and rubber.

Carburetor Cleaner: Suitable for visible carburetor parts, throttle valves & choke.
Restores engine power.
Maximizes fuel economy.
Non-corrosive degreaser.