Paint Booth Solutions

Gramos Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in products for the paint shop with a presence in the leading automotive and industrial plants of the country. Paint overspray, dust, and dried paint particles are a nightmare for a paint shop manager. Our products help keep paint shops clean, bright, and dust-free. Gramos Chemicals’ philosophy is to work in partnership with our customers to identify areas for potential improvements. With a range of products.

Effective 2017, Gramos Chemicals has become a part of the Chembond group, known for its expertise since 1974 in metal treatment chemicals and water treatment chemicals.

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Tack Rags

Tack Rags are specially formulated wipes designed to achieve totally dust and residue free surface prior to painting and finishing. Gramos offers a range of Tack Rags for different kind of applications in industries to control dust, fluff and grit particles. Tack Rags are the only safe and economical method of ensuring completely dust- free surfaces for paint application.

Paint Booth Water Treatment

Gramos Chemicals offer a range of products for the treatment of paint overspray in the various booth systems and for the different paint chemistries. With a track record dating back to the advent of the first modern, high production paint shops in the country, and with continuous innovation, you can be assured that our products and technical service would be able to offer the right solution. A well-maintained spray booth, using correct denaturant and dosing will considerably reduce the time for maintenance and cleaning procedures. Our products increase booth efficiency and minimize maintenance.

Paint Booth Coatings and Maskings

Paint booth coatings are coatings for the booth walls to protect them from paint overspray and to facilitate easy removal of the same. These coatings can be in peelable or masking paste form and can be water based or solvent based. In addition to booth wall coatings, Gramos Chemicals manufactures coatings for ovens and also for gratings.

Paint Strippers

Chembond range of Paint Strippers are easily remove Liquid Paints, Powder coating, CED from the surface. It’s mainly used to remove Paint/Powder/CED coat from Jigs, Fixture, Paint Shop Gratings, Trollies Etc. We have Solvent Based (Acid. Alkali & Neutral), Phenol-Based, Phenol Free, Green Water Based Alkaline Stripper (Hot Paint Stripper). This green Paint Stripper is completely new, amine free stripper consisting of inorganic and organic components. It is used in combination with water 50:50% percentage by weight at a temperature of 80 – max. 90 ºC. The temperature should not exceed beyond 90 deg Celsius.