Industrial Coatings

In order to curb the effects of harmful solvents on the environment and workers, Kemgreen, water-based products were developed. Extensive research on the development of environment-friendly resin technology and other raw material made the products eco-friendly and safe. Kemgreen products have similar performance characteristics to traditional solvent-borne paints with the added advantage of no / low emissions. In Kemgreen products, water replaces the solvent almost entirely, so that emission is considerably reduced.

Kemgreen products are for direct to metal (DTM) application for use in the automotive and general industrial sector. Kemgreen products are water-based and contain a minimal amount of co2 solvents. The theoretical emission of these products is less than 0.10gm/m for 1M thickness, therefore it is the most environmental product for this application.


These products do not contain hazardous substances like lead or chrome. A Kemgreen product is compatible with various substrates like cast iron, alloys, aluminum, plastics, and rubber. Kemgreen is characterized by fast drying, gloss, easy application which are like those of traditional solvent-based enamels.


  • Solvent Based 
  • Water Based
  • High Solid