Industrial Coatings

We are manufacturer & supplier of water-borne and solvent-borne coatings for industrial parts like engines, chassis, structures, transformers, automobile parts, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, Bus bodies, and many more applications.

Our Industrial Coatings Product portfolio contains:

  • Solvent-Based Coatings
  • Water-Based Coatings
  • High Solid Products
  • Poly-Urethane Sealants (ARAI Approved)
  • Anti-freeze Radiator Coolant
  • Polyester Putty

Solvent Based Coatings

ProductQualityProperties / Application
2K Epoxy PrimerAir dry & force baking 80°C / 30 min.Anti corrosive, suitable on steel, GI, aluminium
2K Epoxy EnamelAir dry / force dry 80°C / 30 min.Chemicals & solvents resistance, machine tool & workshop equipment.
2K Acrylic-PU primerAir dry / force dry 80°C / 30 min.Resistance to corrosion, chemicals & adhesion on iron alloy.
2K Acrylic-PU EnamelAir dry / force dry 80°C / 30 min.Weather resist. Suitable for truck, agriculture, construction.
2K Acrylic-PU ClearAir dry & force baking 80°C / 30 min.Resistance to chemicals, weather & adhesion on SS, Al, GI, MS.
1K Fast Drying EnamelFast drying alkyd enamelGood weather resistance, best performance on sandblasted.
1K Synthetic Stoving PaintStoving topcoat 120° to 140°C / 30 min.Good resistance to corrosion & chemicals. It can be used as a finish coat on the blasted surface & chassis area.
2k High Solid PrimerTwo component air drying epoxy primerPrimer for SS, GI, AL, light alloy & agriculture machinery, earth moving machines, building & industrial equipment.
1K ROZC PrimerAnti-corrosive air drying / general purposeSuitable for priming of all kind of MS substrates which may or may not be over coated. Good inter coat adhesion.
Metallic PaintsExcellent metallic effect & gloss with clear coatSuitable for bus body & automotive refinish segment.

Water-Based Coatings

ProductQualityProperties / Application
1K Mono coat Aqua BlackGeneral purpose DTM coating.Recommended for auto ancillaries & under body parts.
KemGreen AC MA BlackAir dry & force dry DTM product with 300 Hours SST resistanceRecommended for auto ancillaries & under body parts.
KemEcorite IC 1000 WAir dry & force dry DTM product with 500 hours SST resistance.Recommended for auto ancillaries & under body parts.
KemGreen Auto HP Black S -140Stoving product with excellent mechanical & chemical properties.Recommended for auto ancillaries & under body parts.
Inner Lining LaquorsGold, flurescent effect, high bakingDrums & barrels internal coating product with excellent solvent resistance.
KemGreen PU EnamelsExcellent UV protection & chemical propertiesRecommended as high gloss top coat

Non Paint Products

ProductQualityProperties / Application
Polyester Pu†ySuperfine particle size which with excellent filling & leveling.Suitable for MS, castings, wood, poly carbonates & a wide range of metallic substrates. Fast dry / easy to sand.
Strippable CoatingWater based air drying strippable coating available in four colors.Suitable for temporary scratch protection of metal articles during transit. Can be easily stripped off after 2 hrs of application.
Antifreeze Radiator CoolantARAI approved.Suitable for bus body radiators. Can be supplied as per required color & concentration spec.
Polyurethane Sealants1K PU Sealant available in white, grey, black colors. Non sagging, moisture curedMetal to metal bonding & sealing.