Automotive Sealants & Adhesives

Phiroze Sethna Pvt. Ltd. provides a wide range of products to automobile manufacturers, aftermarket manufacturers, ancillary industries, and other manufacturing sectors. Major products include PVC sealants, underbody coatings, PVC dip coatings, Non-drying sealants, strippable coatings, spray and cavity waxes, air drying underbody coatings, etc.


Weld Shop

  • Epoxy Structural Adhesive
  • Synthetic Rubber Mastic Adhesive
  • Spot Weldable Sealer

Paint Shop

  • PVC Seam Sealer
  • PVC Underbody Coating
  • Foaming UBC
  • Thumbgrade Sealer
  • Underbody Wax
  • Cavity Wax

Assembly Shop

  • Butyl Gasket Tape
  • Hot Applied Butyl Sealer
  • Direct Glazing
  • Glass Primer
  • Body Primer
  • Cavity Wax